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Earth Bonding

The interconnection of metal components within a building, including pipework and fittings to a common Earth, in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock.


A legal right over a piece of land, such as right for the passage of services or a 'Wayleave'.


The lowest part of a sloping roof and if it overhangs; the area immediately beneath it. Efflorescence The collection of white crystallisation of salts on the surface of brickwork as a result of dissolved salts being drawn out by evaporation.


A tool for inspecting inside wall cavities and other hard to reach places, avoiding the need for destructive work.

Engineering Brick

A brick which has high compressive strength and low moisture absorption, therefore making it suitable for use in damp conditions such as sewer inspection chambers. Can sometimes be used as a damp-proof course brick.


A small Dormer window set into a curved, tiled section of a roof slope.

Expansion Joint

See Movement Joint.