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The triangular end wall of a building with a pitched gable roof.

Gable Roof

Traditional triangulated roof structure with a gable wall at one or both ends.

Glassfibre (Fibreglass)

Fine strong fibres used for a variety of building applications, including thermal insulation and reinforcement in plastics, plaster or concrete.


The horizontal distance of a 'Tread' between two successive nosings on a staircase.

Good Practice

A commonly accepted way of using materials and proper workmanship.


Course grains of stone, generally smaller in diameter than 10mm but larger than 2mm.

Green Timber

Timber that has recently been felled and will be prone to shrinkage.


A smooth mixture of cement, sand, water and additives used to fill joints, cracks or to fix components in position.


A receptacle for the collection of rain or waste water.


A channel provided to collect rainwater and drain it to a suitable outlet. Can be formed of a variety of materials.