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Thermal insulation wrapped around pipework.


A plane of weakness through a material which is prone to cracking.


The gravitational movement of unstable earth downhill.

Lath (& Plaster)

Thin strips of wood (Laths) used as a backing key for plaster. Also used in older buildings to support roof coverings.

Lead Paint

Older form of paint that contains elements of lead and is poisonous. Care should be taken for its safe removal.

Lime Concrete

A mixture of gravel, sand and lime used before modern Portland cement. Hardens over time due to 'Carbonation' and is therefore more flexible than its modern replacement.

Lime Plaster

A plaster formed of pure lime or lime mixed with sand.


A beam over a window or door to carry load of the structures above. May be of timber, steel or concrete construction.

Load-bearing Wall

A wall that provides support to structures above.


An open-sided roofed gallery, often formed with timber posts. May be attached to a dwelling or detached in its own right.

Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupe Bajulus)

A type of 'Wood-boring insect' that is particularly damaging to timber and is confined to certain areas of the South East of England.

LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas

Used as a substitute for a mains gas supply. Can be purchased in canisters or pumped to a storage container.