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The work required to keep things in a good condition. Buildings should have a planned preventative maintenance programme.

Mansard Roof

A pitched roof which changes pitch mid-slope, with the lower section much steeper than the top. Often contains 'Dormer' windows.


The surround provided to a fireplace, often decorative and built of wood, brick or stone.


A load-bearing structure built of individual blocks of stone, brick, concrete or burnt clay, usually laid in mortar.


A plastic based weatherproof sealant.


A timber board which has tongue and grooved edges so it can fit together to form panelling.

M.C.B Miniture Circuit Breaker

See Circuit Breaker.

Mechanical Ventilation

Means by which odours and humidity are removed from a building, often being replaced with fresh clean air. For example; Extractor fans within kitchen and bathrooms.

M.D.F Medium Density Fibreboard

See Fibreboard.


An intermediate floor to a storey height which does not cover the full area of the floor beneath.

Micro-bore Pipework

Pipework with a very narrow diameter, usually connected via a heating manifold.

Mineral-surfaced felt

Bitumen based felt with an mineral aggregate surface, commonly used for covering flat or shallow pitched roofs. Inherent limited life expectancy.

Moisture Meter

A meter that detects the presence of moisture through the conductivity of electrical probes.

Mono-pitch Roof

A roof with a single slope.


Observation of a defect or problem over a period of time.


A mixture of sand, cement and water, sometimes with lime or other additives. Used to bed and joint masonry or form renders.


A slot cut into a timber member that receives a lock or 'Tenon' from another timber.


An unsightly type of fungus that stains materials but does not rot wood. Often associated with 'Condensation', it should be removed and its spores neutralised before repainting.

Movement Joint

A joint formed within rigid material (i.e a large floor or wall) to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the material, in order to prevent fracturing.


A vertical glazing bar.