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A naturally occurring radioactive gas found in some parts of the country with granite bed rock.


A pitched roof timber, usually running from ridge down to eaves level. See also Jack Rafter.

R.C.D Residual Circuit Device

A form of 'Circuit Breaker'.


Cement-based mortar used to cover walls, often where prone to wetness and can be finished in a variety of textures.

Retaining Wall

A wall that supports adjoining ground on one side. Adequate drainage should be provided to relieve a build up of water pressure.

Ridge Board

A horizontal timber forming the apex of a roof, to which the heads of pitched rafters are attached.

Ridge Tile

Tiles provided over the 'Ridge Board' at the apex of a roof, usually angular or half-round in section.


A vertical timber beneath the 'tread' or 'nosing' of a step.

Rising Damp

The upward movement of moisture within a structure as a result of 'Capillary Action'.

Roof Spread

Describes the outward thrust movement of an inadequately tied roof structure.

R.S.J 'Rolled Steel Joist'

Used as a beam or lintel, most commonly 'I'–shaped in section.