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Timber, metal or plastic surround to glazing can be fixed, sliding or hinged within a window frame.


A temporary platform supported by framework used during building works.


A smooth and level finish to a floor laid in-situ. Usually cement mortar but may be asphalt or resin based.


A woven tape, usually synthetic, used to cover the joints of taper edged plasterboard.

Septic Tank

A small private sewerage treatment plant consisting of a number of chambers to allow the slow natural breakdown of waste. Discharges treated effluent.


Describes the natural movement of a building as it settles in to position after construction. Can often result in slight distortion or cracking within the structure.


Underground pipework carrying sewerage waste.


Naturally occurring splits or cracks in timber due to their drying out. Whilst sometimes dramatic they do not always affect the overall strength of the timber.


Small wooden tiles used to clad roofs and walls.


The lower horizontal part of a window frame, which should slope and incorporate a drip to shed rainwater.


A window set into a roof.

Sleeper Wall

A dwarf wall, often with ventilating gaps, used for the intermediate support for suspended timber ground floors.

Snapped Headers

Halved bricks laid to give the appearance of a full 'Header Brick'.


An underground pit filled with aggregates to allow the slow dispersal of storm water.


Small sheets of overlapping metal fixed beneath roof tiles to form a water tight junction.


The underside of a projecting structure.

Soil & Vent Pipe

A pipe that carries waste sewerage and allows foul air to escape away from the property.

Soldier Course

Bricks laid vertically on end with its 'stretcher' facing outward.


Refers to the flaking surface of a material, commonly associated with 'Frost Damage'.

Stop Cock

Tap or valve allowing an incoming water supply to be turned off.

Stretcher Brick

A brick laid with its longest face showing.

Stud work

Timber framework.


The downward movement of the ground. Often associated with shrinkage of clay sub soils.


The ground immediately above the top soil but above underlying bed rock.

Sulphate Attack

A chemical reaction involving soluble sulphates within masonry that leads to the weakening of concrete and mortar.