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Wall Plate

A timber embedded on or in a wall to support the weight of other structural members, usually roof framing.

Wall Tie

See Cavity Wall Tie.

Warm Roof

A roof with insulation positioned above an unventilated roof space in conjunction with a 'Vapour Barrier'.

Weather Boarding

Horizontally positioned, overlapping timber boarding used as an external cladding.

Weep Holes

Holes provided to the outer face of a cavity wall to drain any moisture within the cavity.

Wet Rot (Coniophora Puteana)

A type of fungal decay to timber, particularly common to external joinery.

Wood-boring Beetle Infestation or Woodworm

Refers to the larvae stage within the life cycle of a variety of insects, which burrow and feed on timber with consequent damage. The larvae grow to their adult form and emerge from the timber leaving 'Flight Holes'. An infestation can be treated by a specialist.